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travel blog entry #1

Passport renewed, plane tickets booked and sample itinerary done. 1st entry for my Southeast Asia travel blog! Pretty ambitious but.. what the heck!? Better to have a plan than to have nothing at all. So this is Plan A. Plan B would be.. Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a shoestring travel guide. HAHA Saka na magdepend dun. Only if this plan fails. :D

April 22

• We leave for Guangzhou via HK Kowloon Express Bus, 7:30AM depart/9:15 arrive. We can leave at a later time. Let’s check na lang with the bus company. (11 USD)
• Lunch in Guangzhou.
• We leave for Nanning via 2571/2574 train, 5:30PM depart/5:47AM arrive. (12USD for a hard seat but we can have a soft sleeper which costs 24USD)
• Let’s buy dinner and snacks in Guangzhou before boarding the Nanning train.

April 23

• Arrival at Nanning. Buy breakfast and lunch then board the direct Nanning-Halong Bay bus at the Yunde Company (NITDC terminal, still searching the net for location map), 7:30 AM depart/3:30PM arrive. (24USD)
• Dinner and overnight at Halong City.
• Thanh Phong Hotel, 559 Nguyen Van Cu St. (7USD) They can also arrange Halong Bay tour for us but it’s cheaper daw to go to the junk dock na lang.

April 24

• Breakfast at the Hotel then hitch a ride on a tour boat at around 7:00AM. (4USD) We can buy lunch before we board the boat or we can buy from small boats/floating market.
• Arrival at Cat Ba island. Swimming, seafood dinner, we stay overnight if we don’t catch a boat to Hai Phong. Hydrofoil boat from Cat Ba to Hai Phong leave at 2:30, 3 and 3:15PM. (5USD)
• At Haipong, we can crash Roman Sokowski’s pad. He’s Finnish, 26 and he speaks tagalog. Or Jenny Phuong, 25, a local.
• If we miss the boat, we can stay over at Phong Lan Hotel, Khu Cang Moi Road, (0313) 888605 (5-8USD) or at Quang Duc Family Hotel also at KCM, (0313) 888231 (7-11USD) or The Noble House Youth Hostel, 1/4 Street, 84-31-888363, (8USD) or Whisper Nature Bungalow (very nice fan rooms), Viet Hai Village, +84.031 2657678 (4USD)

April 25

• Leave Hai Phong to Hanoi via Tam Bac Bus. (2USD)
• If we stay over at Cat Ba, we board the Hoang Long Bus. (6.5USD) Cat Ba Office: (0313) 887224, Hai Phong Office: (0313) 7002828, 28 Tran Nguyen Han
• Buses leave Cat Ba and Hai Phong every 15 minutes and we buy tickets at the bus station na daw.
• Upon arrival at Hanoi, we buy bus tickets to Vientiane. Hanoi City tour or we can just rest. We can also meet up with Huong Nguyen, 19, Vietnamese student or Raphael Olivier, 26, French photographer over for drinks and help us getting into the bus to Vientiane. Rose Hotel/Travel Agent in the old quarter or Hanoi backpackers. (30USD)
• Buy breakfast, snack and lunch before boarding the bus. They have stop-overs naman but let’s buy food na rin just to be sure. :D
• 7:00PM depart/4:00PM arrive at Vientiane.

April 26

• Arrival at Vientiane. We can probably ride a tuktuk to you friend’s brother’s house. (1USD average)
• Dinner and overnight at Vientiane.

April 27

• We leave Vientiane to Vang Vieng to go tubing! Naalala ko Lazy River sa Fontana. :D
• We can ride the buses beside the market (3USD) or minibus that leaves 9:00AM (5USD) Let’s just ask help from the brother. :D 3 hours travel from Vientiene to Vang Vieng.
• Go to the riverbanks upon arrival at Vang Vieng. Find inner tubes. (5-6USD)
• We can either go back to Vientiane in the afternoon or stay over, go hiking, caving and party.
• Overnight at Spicy Laos Backpackers, 20/1 Ban Vang Vieng 10030 Laos (4-5USD)

April 28

• Vientiane City tour. Dinner, buy snacks for the trip to Bangkok, board the bus.
• We leave Vientiane for Bangkok via Sabaidee VIP bus, 7:30PM depart/4:30AM arrive. (15USD)
• Let’s ask the brother to help us with booking. No contact info on the internet. Let’s also ask him if there is direct bus or train from Vientiane to Siem Reap to save time.

April 29

• Breakfast in Bangkok. Book train at the Bangkok Hualamphong Station, 1:05PM depart/6:05PM arrive (1.5USD) or 1st class bus at Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal (6USD)
• Lunch, board the bus.
• Upon arrival at Aranyaprathet, rent a tuktuk to Rongklua Boarder Market. (2.5USD) Dinner at the market.
• Overnight at Aranyaprathet. Aran Garden Hotel, 5 min walk from the boarder. (5USD)

April 30

• Breakfast then we leave Aranyaprathet/Poipet boarder to Siem reap via government bus. (10USD) We can also get a taxi cab at 25USD. It’s just a little more expensive but it’s more comfortable and we can leave anytime. Let’s look for a Mai Linh taxi daw.
• We arrive at Siem Reap! :D We can stay at Hello Paradise Guesthouse,, +855 (0) 12580339 (1USD for dorm rooms). Here they offer cooking classes in the afternoons for 10USD.
• King Angkor Villa, opposite Central Market, 251, Achar Mean St. Steung Thmey Village, Sangkat Svay Dangkum,, 063 964896. (3USD) They can help us with the Angkor Wat tour and we can also rent bikes here for 1USD to tour the temples.
• Khmer Angkor Guesthouse, 636 Nation Road N:06 to Airport, Sarakonseng Village, +855 (0) 12-972684, 12-951373. (2USD and includes free pick-up if we stay over for 3 days)
• Rest! :D

May 1

• Tuktuk around town in the morning. (0.5USD I’m not sure about this though. Parang ang mura masyado.)
• Cooking lesson in the afternoon if we stay at Hello Paradise.
• Rest in the evening or go out for a couple of drinks?

May 2

• Tuktuk around the temples or we can go around in bicycles. We can also hire a taxi. Angkor Wat Driver +855 (0) 92-890005 or Mr. Kriss +855 (0) 12-941715, 11-222421
• Book bus tickets to Ho Chi Minh.

May 3

• Leave Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh via Mekong Delta Tour Bus, 287 Phsar Chas (Old Market), Siem Reap, next to Laundry Bar, +855 (0) 12-559447,,, 7:00AM depart/7:00PM arrive. (22USD)
• Or via Mai Linh bus. (18USD) Not much info on the internet but maybe the guesthouse can help us with this. :D
• Dinner at Ben Thanh Market or Night Market.
• Overnight at Yellow House Hotel, 31 Bui Vien, District 1. (5USD) It’s near Ben Thanh Market. Or Nga Hoang Hotel, 269/19 De Tham St. Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1. (5USD) Also near market. Or Huong Viet Hostel, 124/12 Cong Hoa St, Ward 4, Than Binh District, +84 90 382 0582. (7USD) Near Airport.
• We can also stay over at Adam and Steven Wiig’s house. Adam’s 31, Brit, a musician and has a degree in creative writing. Steven’s 24, American, an ESL teacher. They live with 2 girls, one Viet and one American. They have 4 mattresses for backpackers crashing their pad. Plus, they can show us around. :D

May 4

• Mekong Delta or Vung Tau . What do you like better? Paddling sa river or swimming sa beach?
• Mekong Delta/My Tho via Mien Tay Bus, An Lac Binh Chanh District, 38255955. (1USD return) We can ask the locals or the hotel for more info.
• Vung Tau via Rang Dong Bus Company, 292 Dinh Bo Li, Binh Tanh District, +84 85111111, 4:30AM 1st trip/7:45AM last, 2hour-trip. (4USD return) Via Mai Linh Express, Mien Dong Coach Station (same location). (6USD return) Via Hoa Mai Tourist Bus, Pho Duc Chinh District 1, +84 909200200, 4AM 1st trip/5:00PM last. (5USD return)
• Rest or go out for drinks?

May 5

• Ho Chi Minh City Tour: Reunification Palace (1USD), Central Post Office, Notre Dame in the morning, Cu Chi Tunnels (3.5USD) in the afternoon.
• Shopping in Saigon Square and Ben Thanh Market, if I still have money. :D

May 6

• Bye Vietnam! :D My plane for MNL leaves at 1:00AM.

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