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double dutch on the concrete

my crazy life, in a nutshell...

big fat bitch
10 September
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9 days, akazukin chacha, aladdin, all-american rejects, almost famous, amazing race, american hi-fi, anne of green gables, aqualung, athlete, beaches, beauty & the beast, beavis and butthead, bjork, blessid union of souls, blind melon, bob ong books, boldstar, bongos, books, booze, budapest, bush, c.s.i., cambio, catcher in the rye, chinese cinderella, christopher pike, chronicles of narnia, ciudad, coldplay, corinne bailey rae, daisy siete, daria, dark skies, dashboard confessionals, datu's tribe, dave matthews band, death cab for cutie, deep blue something, dicta license, dishwalla, dresden dolls, duncan sheik, everclear, everybody loves raymond, fear street, films, filter, foo fighters, fuel, garbage, gattaca, gin blossoms, ginger snaps, glass jaw, gossip, gross pointe, guitars, hale, howie day, imago, inuyasha, iron chef, itchyworms, jars of clay, jimmy eat world, joss stone, just in case, kain, kiko machine, knock 1st, lenny kravitz, lightning seeds, lion king, loquy, lost, love actually, mayric's, mean girls, mojako, mtv punk'd, mummy road show, murder by numbers, music, nip/tuck, no doubt, oasis, oprah, our lady peace, paramita, pedicab, phantom planet, photography, photoshop, placebo, portishead, queer eye, radioactive sago project, radiohead, reality bites, saguijo, saturday night live, sex & the city, signs, silent sanctuary, silverfilter, smallville, sneaker pimps, snow patrol, soapdish, spin doctors, stonefree, story of the year, suede, sugarfree, sunny pig, sweet valley, taking back sunday, that 70's show, the beatles, the bone collector, the cardigans, the da vinci code, the dead poets society, the green mile, the jets, the killers, the o.c., the postal service, the verve, the wallflowers, travis, tulog, tv, twisted halo, up dharma down, urbandub, veronica mars, violins, visual arts, weezer, what lies beneath, white chicks, white oleander, wicker park, will and grace, x-files, yellowcard, zenki